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I am very sad to say that our sweet girls left mid-November. They've gone back to "the farm" from whence they came and the weather turned right ugly just after they left, just to seal the deal in my mind. They were rentals, and although I'm sure they thoroughly enjoyed their summer "vacay" with us, we were wholly unequipped to keep them over the cold, wet, miserable winter. As we have exciting things (a wedding!!) in the works for next summer, we won't be hosting them again next year. What a fabulous experience they were in what was otherwise quite a taxing summer! Having our own chickens, in a larger, better thought out and more permanent set-up, is definitely a thought on the back-burner. We can "DoOver" this chicken thing!

As sad as I was to say goodbye to our girls -- and I was S-A-A-A-D! -- I was unbelievably thrilled to meet up with several free-spirited poultry during our recent visit to Maui! They were everywhere and I thought -- "…

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